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Free Users Advantage

In order to open Champcut to a larger audience, we are relaxing the restrictions of solver usage. From today on, solver usage is unrestricted for all production orders with maximum number of three cuts. This is supposed to give newly registered users a better feeling about the functionality and operability of Champcut. As a result of more active users we will gain even greater feedback for improvement and development, bringing advantage to power users as well. Thanks for being part of this journey!

New Release 1.3

Beside a security update, Champcut today gains a new feature which we call “partitioning“. This feature is helpful for cutting plans with labeled cuts sharing identical width. This may occur if production for various customers occurs in a common cutting plan. In this case you may want to decide which customer is prioritized (moved to the top) in the cutting plan. Moreover it may happen that the plans include buffer rolls which you want to distribute among your customers (one customer may accept buffer rolls while the other may not). These adjustments to the cutting plan are now available via the option “Partitionate“ as a item of the menu “Adjust“ of the cutting plan. Note that the option only appears if at least two cuts share the same width.

New Release 1.2

The new version of Champcut is out containing some great features such as sharing capabilities of cutting plans, custom coloring of cutting plans, alignment options for cutting plans (LHS, center, RHS, justify) and advanced cutting plan reports. Happy to boost your productivity!

New Release 1.1

We are happy to present some new features such as API support, labeling of cuts and a new type of cutting plan called "Color Stack". Try it out now and give us feedback if you like it or not! If you are in favor of a custom cutting plan report, let us know and we are from now on able to implement your suggestions for you. Enjoy using Champcut!


The first version of champcut is realeased today! Have fun!